Media and Book Reviews


Power Trading Radio. “The Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell.” September 7, 2019.

The Curious Task podcast, Episode 5: Pierre Desrochers & Joanna Szurmak — Is Overpopulation Hurting the Planet? (September 4, 2019).

The Ezra Levant Show, December 17, 2018 (The Rebel Media)
–          full episode video – gated;
–          full episode audio;
–          video excerpt.

Les chercheurs ontariens: Pierre Desrochers.” L’heure de pointe Toronto (CBC Radio French) (November 26, 2018).

Book Reviews

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Cornwall Alliance. 2018. “Population Bombed!

Columns that discuss or reference the book

Barrel Strength. 2019. “Catastrophists versus Hopefuls” (April 6).

van Koeverden, Jane. 2019. “$50K Donner Prize, which honours the best book on public policy, reveals 2018-2019 shortlist.” (March 2).

Bresge, Adina. 2019. “Dalhousie administrator’s controversial book shortlisted for $50,000 Donner Prize.” Canadian Press (March 2) (Reprint in Globe & Mail, City News).

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